10 Most Amazing Places In United States

East Coast OahuPhoto by Aussie Assault

Wherever you go there is always a new natural beauty just waiting to be discovered. Due to its size, the US is considered to be the country with the greatest biological diversity and natural beauty of the world, so here is a list of some of the most beautiful places on USA territory!

1. Lanikai Beach

This beach is a perfect example of how nature is full of beautiful places. It is located on the island of Lanikai, Hawaii and meaning of its name is heavenly sea.


Although it occupies a total of 1,600 square meters, it is one of the most documented beaches in the world. It is often used to record videos and editorials, and there is a great chance to run into one of the world famous models when you are resting. It is unique and beautiful in its own way. However, it is best known for spectacular scenery, crystal clear water and diverse wildlife. So if you decide to visit Hawaii sometimes, make sure you visit this amazing place, you won’t regret it.

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