10 Places To Visit In Canada

From the RoofPhoto by Danielle Scott

Canada is the beautiful country with breathtaking nature, diverse wildlife and very rich culture. Here are 10 places in Canada you should definitely visit.


1. Toronto

The capital of the Province of Ontario is located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. Here you can find modern skyscrapers, the tallest TV tower in the world and a large sports hall known as the Rogers Centre (Rogers Centre). Toronto is ethnically very diverse city; nations of Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Caribbean.


One of two citizens of Toronto was born somewhere else. Toronto is town of literature, art and music. In September there is the International Film Festival and then the red carpet, street festivals, rock concerts, exhibitions and dance come into play. The kitchen is multicultural like its population; Korean cake with nuts, Italian espresso, an Indian curry. Air pollution and the homeless are the biggest problem of this city.

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