11 Most Beautiful Castles In The World

FrancePhoto by x-oph

2. Chateau de Chaumont, France

Less than 200 km south of Paris, between Tours and Blois, located 40 meters from the shore of Loire, in a natural oasis stands beautiful castle – Chateau de Chaumont or Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire. This fairy-tale castle built by Odo I, Count of Blois, in the 10th century is simply stunning.


After Pierre d’Amboise rebelled against Louis XI, King has ordered the destruction of the castle. After more than four centuries Charles d’Amboise ordered the Château de Chaumont reconstruction, and since then it has remained intact. Today, the Château de Chaumont museum which is open to the public each year hosts the Garden festival, which runs from April to October, during which contemporary designers are governing the gardens of the castle in the style of English gardens.

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