15 Best Beaches In The World

Photo credit: Depositphotos

Photo credit: Depositphotos

Beaches are natural wonders which most of us prefer for relaxation with our loved ones. They are all beautiful in their own way, but here are our 15 favorite ones.

1. Playa Norte (North beach) on the Isla Mujeres

This beach got its name because of the position on the island, it stretches along northern side. The water is very shallow and very clean because it comes from the open ocean.


The sand is powdery and white and soft to the touch. Through the whole beach there are a lot of bars, restaurants and a few hotels. Because the water is very clean, it is a paradise for snorkelers, and some guides are luring the fish near the cost with food to give you the best possible experience. Most of the visitors come here for a swim so it can be packed during the peak of the season. Some say that cove between Caribbean and Mia Reef Resort is the nicest part.

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