Abu Dhabi

Sun Shining in Abu Dhabi - Old and NewPhoto by collage42 Pia M.-Vittoria S.//OFF

Usually when people decide to visit United Arab Emirates, they choose Dubai, not knowing that capital of this country Abu Dhabi is developed as much as its flashy neighbor and even richer. When developers planed new areas and made adjustments in built ones, they pay a lot of attention to preserving old parts of the town. The new part has plans very similar to Manhattan, with orthogonal roads and a lot of greenery. Abu Dhabi like Dubai has beaches, marinas and international restaurants. Tours to desert are quite interesting as well.

Cornish is a famous promenade that follows the coast, six kilometers long with lots of interesting places that you can visit and have fun. If 6 kilometers is too much for you or you just do not have time, you can rent a bicycle. Some of the attractions on the way are skyscraper City Gate made at angle of 18 degrees, or you can stop by the shopping center solely dedicated to haute couture, or visit the oldest building in the city – tower Qasr al Hosn. Don’t miss Island of adventures if you are adrenalin addict. Here you can visit biggest aqua park that has the scariest man-made waves, rafting tours and crazy water slides.

For all fans of the most famous racing car brand Ferrari, there is a theme park which will blow your mind. Some rides in this amusement park go as fast as 250 km/h. The Formula 1 track is also on this island. once a week admission is free so you can take a walk or ride a bike, and feel what it is like to be in a place where the fastest races of the world are driven.

If you are more into history be sure to visit the Ethno Village – here you can get acquainted with the cultural life of the places in the Middle East years ago. Complete experience with tents made of goat hair, alleys with small craft shops and a small mosque, represents whole experience of the former look of Abu Dhabi.

Gold Souk is the place to go for some oriental shopping. Gold and Persian carpets are the major goods and be sure to bargain because this is tradition in this part of the world. Emirates lately invest a lot of money in art, buying world famous artifacts displaying them in the museums on island Saadiyat. Here you can find Guggenheim museum designed by Frank Geri and museum Louvre which borrowed the name from world famous Parisian museum. If you take tour in the desert you will ride camels (or jeeps) over the highest dunes in the world. Bedouins tents offer meals in interesting atmosphere.

And all of this is located just couple of kilometers from the city. For accommodation choose hotels on the beach so you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing when you are not visiting other attractions of this miraculous city.

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