Amsterdam, A City Of Cyclists

SkyLounge AmsterdamPhoto by Nouhailler

While walking, you have to watch out for cyclists! The amount of cars is negligible in the center. If it is your first time there you will be constantly amazed by the amount of parked bikes, old and new, forgotten and rusted, tied to the fence. The rule is that city employees maintain the city once a month picking up stranded bikes if the owners did not moved them after they received notification.

Do not be surprised by crooked houses of Amsterdam, the whole region was once submerged and the houses were built on pillars that over time, gradually sink while houses leaned in different directions. For a tour we suggest I Amsterdam Card with whom you get a two-day free entrance and discounts for many museums and attractions. So we recommend you to visit Heineken brewery where you will be taught how beer is produced in a fun way, with tasting of course.

We also recommend the Rijks museum, , followed by Van Gogh Museum – an unavoidable destinations for art lovers. In front of the Van Gogh Museum oil paintings are sold, mostly copies of the Impressionists.


Therefore if you love their work, but you are not able to buy original, for about 30 Euros you can go home with your favorite work of art rolled-up in the case. You can also visit Rembrandt’s house where you can watch a demonstration of prints making.

There is a house of Anne Frank for those with good nerves and stomach. Be sure to visit NEMO-science museum, where you can discover the laws of physics through interactive play with the exhibits. In addition there is anchored East Indiamen Amsterdam – a replica of the ship that was used in the 17th and 18th centuries to travel to Asia. The boat can be visited in its entirety, from the store to the captain’s quarters. Be sure to take boat ride and experience the canals and observe life that comes with the place, small cafes and diners on the water, people who just sit at the edge of the channel and socialize.

There is also the Red light district, which offers a different kind of fun, filled with coffee shops, and of course women, posing like a dolls or being totally uninterested typing messages on cell phones as they are for miles away. If you want to experience countryside of Holland, take one day trip to nearby villages organized by travel agencies. One of these tours include Monickendam, Marken and Zaanstad.

The village Zaanstad is the place where many migrated to preserve the numerous windmills and so this became the windmill village. Maker of the famous wooden clogs will welcome you and they will demonstrate their work. Be sure to taste cheese in one of family cheese factories. We also recommend that you try raw herring – there are the numerous stalls. If you get tired you can spend entire day in city park having picnic on the grass. Park is full of young people and events.

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