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As we all already know, Argentina is a country in South America. It is a very diverse country, both natural (desert in the north, a humid jungle in the south) and cultural, where one feels the impact from all over the world. The land of beautiful landscapes, cosmopolitan cities and lively culture. In a word it is a paradise for travelers. It extends almost 3.500 km from Bolivia to the far south of South America.

Nature lovers can visit the Patagonian steppe, climb the highest peak in South America, walk among thousands of penguins and witness the most amazing waterfalls in the world. Hikers can enjoy the beautiful scene of a lush area with its magnificent lakes and snowy mountain tops – and enjoy Patagonia and its glaciers. Football is a national obsession, while trekking, water sports and skiing are also playing an important role. Buenos Aires is the ninth largest city in the world being the capital city and cultural capital of the country.

Best time to visit Buenos Aires is in the spring (September to November), when the Jacaranda wood is in bloom and temperatures are moderate, and in autumn (March to May). During the summer (December to February) the capital’s hot and humid. Mendoza, Cordoba and Lakeland are spectacular in autumn: the leaves take on a variety of colors, temperatures are pleasant and there is not a lot of crowd. Summer is the best time to visit Patagonia. Northern parts can be extremely hot during the summer, and the best to visit in the spring.


Winter (June to August) and autumn in this region are also pleasant. The ski season runs from mid-June to mid-October. In that time accommodation is expensive and it is crowded mostly in July and August.

What to visit?

Iguaçu Falls – These beautiful waterfalls are located along the border of Brazil. They belong to a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are one of the most spectacular scenery in the country.

Buenos Aires – it combines a beautiful city in the European style, with attractive residents, gourmet cuisine, fantastic shopping and frenzied nightlife, that is in short Buenos Aires, an urban metropolis, elegant and seductive. It is one of the most important centers of Latin American music, and it is known for tango – dance and music, which was created in the brothels.

Perito Moreno glacier – definitely breathtaking place. One of the most dynamic and the most accessible ice fields on Earth. Over millennia, under a lot of weight, the snow turns into ice and flows slowly towards the east.

Lakeland – here are some of the most spectacular landscapes on Earth. Lake area is host to thousands of visitors every year. People come for the skiing, fishing, hiking, walking and generally enjoying the cool, fresh landscape that has created vast forests, glacial lakes and small villages in alpine style.

Cordoba – Located in central Argentina, it is the second largest city in the country. This city is often a stopping point on the journey to the Andes. Cordoba has a number of historic buildings, with a history dating back to the XVI century, but it was much more developed in modern times. The historic area of the city around the Square San Martin is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ushuaia – The capital of the island group of Tierra del Fuego – Land of Fire is Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. Passengers use this town as a starting point for a trip to Antarctica or sailing around Cape Horn. This city offers a unique landscape of mountains, sea, glaciers and forests.

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