Belgrade from baloonPhoto by Vlada Marinkovic

This city has one of the most ideal geographical positions in Europe, erected at the intersection of air, waterways and terrestrial routes. Located at the confluence of two great rivers, the Sava and the Danube. For thousands of years this land has constituted a limit, to which the conquerors arrived. Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe, and was built 7,000 years ago. It is like a Phoenix, which every 500 years burn itself and revive.

Belgrade today is the administrative and cultural center of the country and has a population of 1,639,121 inhabitants. There are two State University that are schooling more than 70,000 students. Belgrade has the Academy of Sciences, the National Library, the National Archives and its very distinctive Belgrade Philharmonic.

There are many Belgrade theaters, such as Studio 212, Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade Drama Theatre, Zvezdara theater and others. The traditional beer festival and a summer season of outdoor concerts, which lasts from June to September is the unavoidable destination on the map. This city has almost mythical nightlife, and the most recognizable locations are on rafts along the river, in Skadarlija, in the street of Strahinjića Bana and multitude of bright bars and renowned clubs.

And all that in a friendly atmosphere, without language barriers, long recognized by visitors from the region and the increasing participation of visitors from all over the world. Belgrade has its own river island – Ada Ciganlija, with 7 km long sandy beach and the daily visit of over 100,000 bathers.


Sport is present in all forms, there are a large number of outdoor courts, swimming pools, sports halls and biking trails. There are two football clubs the Red Star and Partizan, that hold biggest derbies in the country, with everything that such a rivalry brings, especially at the Marakana and the JNA stadium.

Main atractions

Kalemegdan – Fortress is the most significant historical monument. This is the place where you can see the remnants of the distant past of Belgrade, where Belgrade was founded as a small settlement established in the first century BC and the place where it developed until the second half of the eighteenth century.

Skadarlija – often praised as the Belgrade Montmartr is the bohemian quarter. At the end of XIX and early XX century, here, due to the proximity of the National Theatre, lived many actors. They were later joined by other artists, poets, writers and painters. Today the cobbled street known for its cafes, musicians and art galleries.

Ada Ciganlija – Ada Ciganlija, or as it is more popularly called in Belgrade – “The Belgrade Sea”, is a green park on the Sava river island. It is a favorite place during the hot summer months. Ada Ciganlija is famous for its beaches and sports facilities. You can rent a bike or just walk around this wonderful city oasis. For all those who love the adrenaline rush, Ada offers the possibility of bungee jumping.

Knez Mihailova – Knez Mihailova street is the main street in city center that is a fine example of architecture of the nineteenth century. Most influential and richest urban families lived here. Today, the Knez Mihailova is pedestrian zone and the shopping center, protected by law. The promenade is connecting Republic Square and Kalemegdan. Other sights that you should visit are National Theatre, Temple of Saint, Belgrade Zoo, Nikola Tesla, Zemun, House of Flowers, Princess Ljubica House and many others.

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