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Brazil is a tropical paradise, the country consisting of rainforest, islands with tropical beaches, and endless rivers. Diving, surfing, sailing and fishing are popular activities, and there are opportunities for hiking and climbing. Brazil is nearly twice the size of Europe and is the largest country in South America, taking as much as 47% of it. Coast of Brazil is about 7.400km long and stretches along the Atlantic with white sand beach lined with palm trees. Brazil offers great scenes: the magnificent waterfalls, canyons and crystal clear rivers.

The most attractive locations are definitely the Amazon and the Pantanal, which host various species of flora and fauna on earth. Around 93% of its territory is in the southern hemisphere, and accordingly it has reversed seasons in relation to all those in the northern hemisphere. Some of the most exciting cities in the world lie within Brazil and visitors come to the carnival to experience the music and dance. Carnivals are the biggest attraction in Brazil and represent the traditional festivals held forty days before Easter. Given the myriad charms that this country offers, you simply will not want to leave it. Brasilia is the capital of Brazil, and the official currency is the Brazilian real (BRL).

When to travel?

High season in Brazil lasts from December to March. Prices go up during this period and the crowd also, but this is “the most festive” time in Brazil. Low season runs from May to September, excluding July (school holidays) so it is the cheapest time and least crowded one. During the summer, which lasts from December to February, Rio and north of the country has temperatures around 30 degree.

What to see?

Rio de Janeiro at the time of the carnival is definitely the first place you should go to. There are carnival celebrations in virtually every corner of Brazil, but the biggest and most famous carnival is undoubtedly the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.


It attracts two million people and almost half a million foreigners during 4 days of celebration. Carnival is everywhere, in the streets, in bars, clubs and all other venues in Rio. The highlight of the carnival is the spectacular Rio samba parade on the Sambadrome. The top of Corcovado Mountain, 700 meters above sea level, offers a view of the beautiful panorama of the Guanabara Bay in the north to the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon in the south.

Salvador and its beaches – here you can enjoy the smooth white sand and swaying palm trees. Salvador is a city on the eastern coast of Brazil and the capital of the state of Bahia (Bahia), it is attractive colonial town with live music scene and plenty of exquisite beaches. There are various beaches: from quiet coves, which are ideal for swimming, diving and sailing to the ones on the open sea with strong waves, popular with surfers.

There are also beaches forming natural pools, ideal for children. Amazon river – With length of about 6.400km, is the second longest river in the world, slightly shorter than the Nile River and it is largest in area. Amazon has over 3,000 recognized species, and new species are still being discovered. The Amazon basin is covered with half of the remaining rainforest on the planet. Here lives the tenth of all living species on earth, and through safari tours that are organized, you can see some of them.

You should also visit Iguaçu waterfalls – natural border between Brazil and Argentina; Sao Paulo – One of the world’s largest metropolis, the cultural capital of Brazil, with an incredible number of attractions; Pantanal – the largest wetland in the world, located mainly in western Brazil, but also get to Bolivia and Paraguay; The historic center of Olinda – Another well-preserved colonial city of Olinda, located on the northeastern coast of Brazil; Fernando de Noronha – A beautiful archipelago with untouched beaches, beautiful landscapes and wild animals; Teatro Amazonas (Amazon Theater) – Opera located in the city of Manaus, in the heart of the Amazon; OuroPreto – One of the best preserved colonial cities of Brazil.

Going once will probably won’t be enough, so this beautiful country will make you come back for many times.

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