Budapest, Hungary (explored)Photo by Thomas Depenbusch

Budapest is one of those places that no matter how many times you visit, it always excites you with some newly discovered details. The city was established when two towns Buda and Pest merged into a single unit. If you want to visit the Buda side, it can easily be reached by a funicular (Budavári Sikló), which will lead to Várhegy, a part of town which is under UNESCO protection and contains the Buda Castle, ie. Royal Palace.

From this place you can experience the most beautiful view of Pest, Danube and numerous city bridges, from which the oldest and the most beautiful one is Chain Bridge. What you definitely need to see, and is located near Buda Castle, is Matthias’s Church, known as the site of the coronation of Empress Sissy for Hungarian queen.


Then, there is a Fishermen’s fortress, a beautiful complex with seven white towers that symbolize the seven tribes who founded the Hungarian nation and the state. Houses of Parliament , neo-Gothic beauty, looks very impressive, but if you want to see it from inside, you will need to get up really early to catch the tickets.

The church of St. Stephen is the place where the mummified right hand of the first Hungarian king is kept, a few blocks away is the famous synagogue, as well as Heroes’ Square, the place that was built in honor of 1000 years of existence of the Hungarian state. Also, the Great Synagogue Dohany is the largest European synagogue and the second in the world after the one in New York. If you can, visit the imposing hospital in the rock which is build to be used as a secret shelter in case of nuclear war.

When you get tired of the classic tour, you can jump in a rickshaw, visit Budapest on a bicycle or in a strange vehicle trikkeu, for which they say is a very safe mean of transport. Hungarians are very proud of their national cuisine, and regardless of whether you choose the imaginative cuisine in Bock Bistro, restaurant Mátyás Pince, or in a cool place Laci, you will be amazed with flavors devised by skilled chefs.

For the shop lovers, there are shops in Váci street or one of the many shopping centers that made Budapest famous. If you are looking for some good music, you can come by the comfortable surroundings of Hard Rock Cafe. It is impossible to write about all the interesting places of the city that is definitely becoming one of the must see European destination. Regardless of whether you are lucky with unlimited budget or you have low budget, we guarantee, you will not return unsatisfied.

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