Budva and the Island of Sveti Stefan

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Budva is a city in Montenegro located on the Adriatic coast „Budvanska Rivijera“, which covers an area of 122 square kilometers. It is considered as one of the oldest settlements on the Adriatic, but primarily as the most visited tourist destination of Montenegro. The spirit of this city is marked by Mediterranean culture.

Tourists visit it for several reasons such as the clear sea, long history and „crazy nightlife“. The most recognizable tourist destination is the Stari Grad (Old town), which is located on a small island, whose walls were built in the Middle Age about 2.500 years ago. Because of the special architecture of the streets and squares, you will feel like you are back in the distant history.

The coast lies on sandy and stone beaches 38 kilometers long. A large number of them are intended for members of the younger generation and techno, rap, and hip-hop parties are a common occurrence here. We also have to mention the club Top Hill which is located on the hill Toplish above Budva whose Interior is one of the most attractive in the world.

Near the promenade by the beach, there are numerous cafes and minibars which feature everything from the relaxed atmosphere to loud music and night-long parties. Besides this, there are also souvenir shops, boutiques, galleries and many other places for entertainment. It is also important to emphasize the specific position of this place. In a relatively short time, you can reach the capital of Montenegro called Podgorica that is at the same time the largest and most important city of this country.

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The Island of Sveti Stefan – a wonderful place to visit

Sveti Stefan is a small, rocky island located about 6 kilometers from Budva. It is surrounded by a crystal clear water of the Adriatic Sea, but it’s also connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus with a beautiful walking bridge. This place is magical in every sense of the word.

The island dates back to the 15th century when family Pastrovic started to build a village here. Most of that history and tradition is still preserved, as the place has its original appearance and charm which is reflected in narrow streets, stone structures, orange brick rooftops and small churches, one of which is the church Sveti Stefan.

The island is now the luxury resort, the most exclusive in Montenegro. Villa Sveti Stefan, Villa Montenegro, as well as Villa Milocer, which is the property off the island, are all just a small part of this resort. The area of the coastline is so beautiful and unique, with its pink sand beaches, exotic flora and stunning views of the sunset. The most visited beaches are King’s or Milocer Beach and Queen’s Beach, on the opposite sides of a little-forested hill.

This place is a paradise for gourmands. Perfectly prepared seafood, such as octopus and oysters, with a variety of organic vegetables, or food from the north of Montenegro, beef steak, Balkan sausages, are waiting in some of the restaurants such as Olive Restaurant, Famelja Kantera, Drago and many more.

This sleepy town is a temple for relaxation. Nevertheless, there are many wellness and spa centers, where Montenegro’s medical species of herbs are used. You can also walk through downtown area in search of a souvenir shop, museum or boutique to experience this magical place to the fullest. We have to emphasize that the island is exclusively for guests. However, even if you are not a guest of Sveti Stefan, you can book a meal in some of the restaurants or rent loungers on the beach.

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