Cancun – A Dream Destination

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This is one of the most beautiful and most luxurious resorts in Mexico, known for its white sandy beaches, turquoise sea, great hotels, clubs and shopping centers, as well as sites that preserve a piece of Mayan history. Cancun is one of the best known and most popular resorts in the world, and its popularity rises from year to year.

It’s different from anything you’ve had a chance to see, starting with the location and the natural environment, through an extremely diverse tourism offer to the intertwining of tradition and contemporary beauty, cultural achievements of different climates and variety of different rhythms, sounds, colors, smells and tastes. It is divided into two parts: the city with about 400,000 residents, with avenues full of shops, banks, restaurants, and the tourist zone, which is located on the sandbar.

Annually it is visited by about three million people, of which many return. At about 200 kilometers west there is one of the most famous Mexican Mayan sites, ancient Chichen Itza. There you can see: Temple of jaguar, Slaves arena, Temple of God Kukulkan and a statue of the deity Even Mol, who, in a half-seated position, is holding a tray with human victims. There are two sites in May El Rey (the king) and El Mecca, as well as the museum, located in the Congress Center in the hotel zone, where you can see the remains from the site.

Something for everyone

As far as the beaches go, there are several: dolphins Beach, whales Beach, Beach Pier and beach Even Karakol in the east, known for its big waves, ideal for water sports. To the north there are Turtle Beach, lobster Beach, and pearls Beach, which also famous for various sports, but in addition to sand, there can be found some smaller rocks.

Island of women

Northeast of the resort, at about twenty minutes away by boat, Isla Mujeres (Island of women) is located. In the southern part you can find underwater park El Garafoni, where you can see abundant tropical fish of all colors and types, which has become a favorite destination for divers. East of the island is Cancun Cozumel which became known in 1960, when Jacques Cousteau revealed the world the existence of 25 coral reefs, among which is the second longest in the world, about 30 km, with over 200 fish species and visibility up to 50 meters.


In the center of the resort is the Aquarium, where you can swim with dolphins and watch their acrobatics. There are two water parks, with all the amenities for fun, but for those who like to watch the underwater world, there is a submarine that takes them in greater depth. Lovers of riding can rent horses for riding on the beach and jungle, while divers can dive to see the limestone sinkholes and underwater caves.


Resort with beautiful sandy beach attracts many tourists, who are spending their nights in nightclubs and discotheques, which are full until the early morning hours. Everybody dances on the tables and bars, and the atmosphere is taken care of by the most famous DJs.

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