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Seattle Skyline from Kerry Park

If you pass on the new continent, Seattle will probably not be your first choice, but if you visit it once, it can easily become a city in which you wish to return.

If you never visited Sveti Stefan you definitely should when you find yourself on Adriatic coast. Sveti Stefan is a small tourist town in Montenegro recognizable primarily by the island where there is a hotel that is connected to the mainland by artificial sandbars.

In the last fifteen years, Dubai has become an extremely popular tourist destination. The combination of stunning architectural structures, shopping and sandy beaches, with staying in luxury hotels and dinners at fancy restaurants, attracts a large number of tourists especially European.

Prague - Vue sur Malá Strana depuis le Clementinum


Prague is one of the most popular party destinations in Europe and is an ideal place for lovers. It is an old and fascinating town on the banks of the Vltava River.