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It is easy to fall in love with this magnificent city. It is the third largest in the United States, right behind New York and Los Angeles with population of 2.5 million people in the city, and the 10 million with all its suburbs. The city is located in the state of Illinois, on the shore of Lake Michigan, grand lake that is bigger than some seas. For decades it has been a major financial, cultural, industrial, telecommunications, sports, tourism center, not only of America, but also in the world.

Downtown of Chicago is really impressive and powerful. Everywhere you look there are skyscrapers so no wonder that city is unofficial “capital of skyscrapers”. Most famous ones are John Hancock, Sears Tower (now the Willis Tower), Donald Trump’s buildings, AON Center and many others. On the 95th floor of the John Hancock there is a restaurant where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the city and Lake Michigan. It really takes your breath away, no matter whether it is day or night.


In the same building there is the famous “Cheese cake factory” and it is close to the building of the famous newspaper “Chicago Tribune”. Commercial style or Chicago School are the names of same architectural style developed in the city it got name for.

After the great fire that destroyed majority of city, architect developed steel-frame construction for building commercial buildings.

For those who are not fans of buildings, steel and concrete, there is oasis of peace in the city park, called Millennium Park. It has a beautiful view of the city, and it is a great place for picnics, jogging, holidays etc. Be sure to visit Navy Pier and ride the wheel if you have the time. Navy Pier is probably one of the most famous and most photographed hallmarks of Chicago and place where often are held various events, concerts. It is located on the shore of the lake which only contribute its atmosphere.

Like all metropolises, it is composed of many nations and their unique settlements that seem like small states. There are Hindus, Jews, Poles, Italians, Chinese and many others. For sports fans, there is everything for everyone. Most basketball fans dream to watch the Bulls at the United Center often referred as temple of basketball where the “Flying Michael” gave name to the Bulls earning them six championship rings. For museum lovers it certainly will not be easy to choose what to visit.

For starters be sure to visit “Museum Campus” where on the huge area there are three museums, Adler Planetarium, the Field Museum of Natural History and the Shedd Aquarium and each is special in its own way. It is known as a city where you can eat good meal. With more than 9,000 restaurants and 4,000 bars and clubs, not finding what you want can hardly be the case.

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