Croatia’s Gem – Makarska

Photo credit: Matko Begovic

A small city located in Dalmatia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia. Its main qualities are crystal clear waters, busy nightlife, and stunning beaches. But not only that, when you take a look at a bigger picture it’s clear that Makarska has something for anybody. Amazing car camp surrounded by pine trees is a dream for any camper. On the other side, if you’re into sports, you can get your game on whatever it is.

The city is actually located in Makarska Riviera, which is also home to other stunning places like Baska Voda and Brela. So if you get bored of one place, you can always take a short trip to the next to experience something else. If you are into hiking, you can check out Biokovo, which is the mountain that oversees pretty much the whole of the Riviera.

As we mentioned above, this place is known for its crystal clear water, which is a direct result of the stunning gravel beach that’s shaded by beautiful pine forest. Due to the abundance of shade, Makarska is a perfect place for families with young children. However, keep in mind that deep sea is filled with sea urchins, so it’s best to take a precaution and get the proper footwear for the whole family.


There is one more thing that separates this incredible place from the rest and that’s the cuisine. Since the city is located on the sea, in a country that loves its traditional dishes, you’ll be able to experience a mixture of tastes that you won’t be able to see in any other European country, except maybe Montenegro.

There is also an old city which is the nightlife center. It offers the touch of history mixed with modern clubs and restaurants. Right next to it, at the marina, you can see some of the biggest yachts imaginable, and you can experience boat racing and submarine exploration of nearby reefs.

Even though it is one of the most idyllic cities in Croatia, which is a dream place for most of us, it is not without its drawbacks. It is trapped in a paradox in which its beauty might be its only burden. During the peak season, it is so packed that you might not be able to even find a place on a beach for a towel. It also reflects on the city in every way imaginable. It is impossible to find a place to stay, traffic is awful, and even its popular walkway right next to the sea is jam-packed.

This also means that you’ll have a hard time getting a table at a restaurant or find a parking. However, don’t let this discourage you, all you have to do is book your vacation outside few-week peak, and you’ll be good. It is an amazing city, definitely worth visiting, and you should certainly see it for yourself.

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