Day Trips From Rome

Orvieto...the ultimate Umbrian hill townPhoto by stevelamb007

The famous city that carries 3000 years of history with ease, is one of those destinations that everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime. It has so many attractions that it would take you couple of vacations to visit them all. But again, it would be shame, while staying, not to take chance and spend couple of days taking day trips from Rome to surrounding areas and attractions.

Capri is enchanting and picturesque island, which has always been a favorite place for many, from the old Roman emperors, to wealthy businessmen, celebrities, artists and writers. The main attraction of this island is the famous Blue Cave “Grotta Azzura” while amazing beaches are scattered all along the island. On the island there are only two towns – Capri and Anacapri, the more distant city at a height. While visiting you will see plenty of citrus plants, different flowers and birds.

Pompeii is the richest archaeological site that you can visit during your vacation in area. Almost 2000 years ago, time stopped there, when massive eruption of Vesuvius volcano hit the area. Everything around the volcano got burned and petrified, leaving this place forgotten under piles of rocks. It was discovered by accident 16 centuries later. It took another 150 years until they realize that there is a whole city, frozen in time, perfectly conserved. From 18 century, until today 45 out 66 acres of the city is revealed, and due to nature of catastrophe, it represents one of the best places to study how people lived 2000 years ago. Is is definitely one of the most memorable options you can take when it comes to day trips from Rome.

Orvieto is a great day trip for explorers. The city is situated on the top of the slope and dominates the landscape. Rich cultural heritage, which was recognized by UNESCO got it on the World Heritage List.

But what makes Orvieto truly unique is kept as a secret for centuries – a vast underground complex that extends beneath almost the entire city. And we are not talking about few underground corridors and rooms, but a real town with more than 1200 caves, tunnels, wells and other works of human hands, which were created by digging for more than 2500 years.

“Terracina” is a seaside resort between Rome and Naples. The modern part of Terracina is a pleasant and exciting with broad boulevards that stretch along the coast line. Blue sea and clean sand are the main attraction in this small town. In the port you will see local fishermen, while in the restaurants you can try great see specialties. If you’re a fan of history and culture, take the stairs that go up the hill and you will find “Centro Storico”, the old part of the city, where museums, ancient squares and cathedrals are situated.

Hadrian’s Villa and Villa d’Este are both located in the city of Tivoli, an ancient city with a rich past, widely known for its luxurious villas with parks and numerous fountains. Both of them found their place on UNESCO’s heritage list. Hadrian, Roman emperor build his villa in the second century and today it presents interesting archaeological site that shows luxury of ancient times, while Villa d’Este was build 16 centuries later and presents one of the most famous renaissance villas. However Villa d’Este’s gardens are what really takes breath away making them a great choice when planning day trips from Rome.

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