Day Trips From Venice

DolomitePhoto by Joel Köstli

In Venice there are many beautiful and impressive monuments and attractions, we could even say without exaggeration that almost every building is attraction worth visiting. But if you are staying in Venice longer than couple of days, be sure to visit some other beautiful places and cities that are in vicinity in well organized day trips from Venice.

Murano glass is something that will probably catch your eye while strolling the streets of Venice. If that is the case be sure to take a tour to three most famous islands of Venetian Lagoon – Murano, Torcello and Burano. In the glass factory at Murano island you can watch how glass is made, while Burano Island is place where famous Burano handmade lace is created. Don’t miss Byzantine churches on Torcello, especially the famous Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and the Church of Santa Fosca. There are many organized day trips from Venice, but there are other options, you can rent your own boat and do it by yourself.

Verona is a hometown of two most famous lovers in the world – Romeo and Juliet. Take a picture with Juliet statue under her balcony, where their romance started and you can write your and your loved one’s name on the wall. After that, you can spend the day exploring magnificent city of Verona, because there is so much to see besides Juliet’s house.


One of those breathtaking attractions is Verona’s amphitheater that has been renowned. Not far from Juliet’s house Piazza dei Signori is located dedicated to the great Dante Alighieri. Verona is the perfect blend of urban and antique style with medieval and Renaissance additions.

Padua is one of the oldest (and possibly the oldest) cities of northern Italy. It represents blend of tradition, art, history and rich gastronomy. In addition to its representative university where Galileo Galilei was teaching and the biggest thermal area in Europe (Terme Euganee), this town is also known for its large sanctuary of Anthony of Padua, where you can visit the chapel which houses his tomb with the relics.

Dolomite Mountains is a great excursion if you want to experience beautiful breathtaking Italian nature. In August 2009, the Dolomites were declared a natural world heritage site by UNESCO. This mountain range is known for skiing in winter and hiking, mountaineering, climbing and paragliding in late spring / early fall.

Ravenna is a city that is proud of its glorious and long history, as with the diversity of cultures that have left their monuments. The city was in the V and VI century capital of the Western Roman Empire, then capital of Ostrogoth kingdom, as well as the seat of Byzantine government in Italy. It was also an important port which controlled the trade between East and West.

Mosaic is art that was mastered here and even today there are many schools that teach this craft. One day is not enough to see everything worth seeing in this amazing place but it is still better than not visiting it at all. There are many great day trips from Venice and whatever you choose, you wont regret your decision.

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