Disneyland – The Most Perfect Country

DisneylandPhoto by “il Carca” – Enrico Carcasci

While famous philosophers have only imagined ideal place, Disney was able to make it work – in 1955 in Los Angeles. The Disneyland cost 17 million dollars and was much smaller than today.
Anyone who has visited this ‘country’ will say that it really is a fairy tale. But then journalists were not delighted. Moreover, the negative reviews were threatening to thwart Disney in his intent. Even though it had infamous start it had a bright future. Until today three Disneyland were built – in Florida, Tokyo and Paris. In this article we will write about French one.

In order to find Wonderland like Alice, it is best to start with a map in your hands. The first building that the visitor encounters is the famous hotel. Those who stay there will witness that each room is decorated by motifs from fairy tales, and that they had breakfast amused by many from Disney family. In the same street as the hotel there are houses like those in cartoons. In them you can find souvenir shops, pastry shops, restaurants and cafes. What Las Vegas is in America, Disney park is to Disneyland – country of fun!

Person can walk through four most diverse cities: Land of adventure, fantasy Land, the Land of the future and Land of researchers. The youngest will certainly be most interested in fantasy Land.

This is without doubt the happiest place in Disneyland, where fairy tales are brought to life, the ones by which they recorded the classic Disney cartoons. Its inhabitants are Tinker Bell, Peter Pan, Alice, etc. From the sights of this city the things that stand out the most are Sleeping Beauty Castle and Alice garden where instead of a taxi, tourists can ride in a giant tea cup.

Those who prefer a more serious stories of adventure will find themselves in the Land of researchers. Here you can hang out with Indiana Jones or look at what kind of goods were taken by pirates of the Caribbean. You can test your courage in the House of fear. It is located in the Wild West. There, tourists can ride ‘collapsing’ elevator, then go for a ride in which they will see how the skeleton moves without a single muscle. One of the most exciting adventures of this country is Mountain lightning. The transition from the past to the future for a few meters is possible in the Land of the future.

The most famous adventure is called Space Mountain where you can make a quick vine to the stars and back. Within the park there are trains, Snow White’s enchanted forest, a castle from a fairy tale, aircraft, spaceships, pirate caves. Also, there is a cinema, where you can see latest 3D adventures. At the entrances of the most entertaining continent, visitor has to get in line, but it will be worth every minute of it. The entrance to Disneyland costs 40 Euros. Coffee, food and drinks are more expensive almost twice as much as in other places in Paris. And so, without much philosophy Walt Disney created the most perfect country, headed by neither King nor soldier, but – mouse. Mickey Mouse.

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