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Florida is one of the most visited places in the world. Those who search for fun, sun and excitement, should visit this place often referred to as “the country of the sun.” Disneyland, “Magic Kingdom Park” and “Busch Gardens” are just some of the attractions for which this country is known. Orlando is probably most famous city in Florida (along with Miami).

Water, lakes, hills, forests and exciting coastline, countless bays, islands and already legendary climate make it a very attractive to visit. Florida is divided into eight geographical regions. In the southeast part there are Miami and Miami Beach, “hunting” for the rich and famous. Fort Lauderdale is a popular place for family holidays and offers a wide range of sports and recreational activities. In southern part of the state Florida Keys offer a tropical climate, beautiful beaches and clear blue sea.

The capital of Florida is Tallahassee, city that was elected for capital city in 1823 which is often described as “other Florida” because of its hilly landscape, oak forests and the cool climate .Tampa and St. Petersburg are the main cities of the central western region.


Sarasota is cultural capital of this area, thanks to John Ringling and his wife, who left an impressive art collection, now exposed in their restored mansion. Southwestern region is famous for Naples, the popular seaside resort. A little further from the mainland Marko island is located, a model of ecological preservation of nature.

Jacksonville is located in the northeast of the country, and it was named after General Andrew Jackson. Not far from there is the “oldest city of America” – St. Augustine an ideal place for those who like history excursions. However the most famous Florida attraction is certainly Disneyland. This amusement park is the largest and perhaps the best in the world. It consists of four sections: Magic Empire is fragmented into seven thematic regions; Epcot Center is a research and exhibition center; Disney MGM studio – the film studio; Animal Kingdom – adventure safari park full of wild animals, exotic scenery and exciting ride.

Blizzard Beach is Disney’s largest water park. It is located on top of the mountain Gushmore. Here you can try the Summit Plummet, the largest, highest and fastest water slide in the world. Florida’s climate is already widely known. Summers are long and warm with some rainy periods. Winters are mild, with periodic bursts of cold air. Coastal areas throughout Florida are characterized by another curiosity – the winters are warmer and the summers are cooler. Lightweight cotton clothing and a hat are recommended for all who want to go for vacation there, while in winter you need nothing more than a light jacket for fresh winter evenings.

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