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France is most visited country of the world when it comes to tourism. Its diversity is the main cause of its popularity. There are many reasons to visit, starting with the most romantic city of the world – Paris, as well as champagne, wine or cheese. When it comes to beaches and swimming there is famous French Riviera or if you are more of winter person, Alps and skiing might just be your thing. For those who like adrenalin rush climbing second highest top of Europe Mont Blanc is another attraction this country has to offer.

Nature lovers will enjoy Province and Champagne provinces. Tour de France can start with Paris, city of lights and love. It is the most dense populated city in the Europe. What to see here? It would take entire article to write about all of the attraction but we will mention only few. Elysian Fields – the most famous Parisian avenue, Eifel Tower – the most famous structure, Montmartre – a bohemian quarter, Notre Dame – famous cathedral, Louvre – one of the most famous world museums, George Pompidou – modern art museum, and many others.


For those who like luxurious vacations Nice is the right choice. It is located not far away from Italy. Nice is very old city that dates back to old Roman Empire.

This city is part of already mentioned French Riviera, so it is a great choice for summer vacation. Bordeaux, is the place where wine lovers will have time of their life. It dates more than 200 years BC. It became so popular due to large number of vineyards all around it.

Saint Tropez is exclusive resort on French Riviera that gets visited by more than 5 million tourists a year. It started as a fishing village, until artists discovered it and made it their gathering place, but today it serves mostly to those with big bank accounts and celebrities. If you can afford it you should definitely visit.

For those who enjoy history Carcassonne is beautiful medieval town and largest fortified European one. The fortress looks exactly as it looked in 13th century. Majority of the city dates to Middle age but there are even older buildings.

Mon Saint Michel is interesting, small, rocky island where Benedict monastery, one of the best examples of architecture of medieval age, dominates among houses of small village. This island became very significant tourist attraction visited annually by 4 million tourist.

Champagne or wine region, province in the northeast of France is for landscape and nature lovers. This is where champagne was created.

Provence with its lavender fields will leave every visitor breathless. It is often referred to as Mediterranean heartland of France. It is vivid mixture of Roman ruins and sleepy villages. It is a place where many searched for inspiration, including Cezanne, Van Gogh and Picasso.

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