Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon sunset IIPhoto by alexanderferdinand

How many people hear the same sentence every day for several times by different people: If I go to America I want to see… Well you should definitely see the Grand Canyon – a part of the American continent which you can’t pass by. We are talking about the canyon of Colorado River in the northwestern part of the US state. The canyon is 446 kilometers long, has a width up to 29 kilometers and a depth of a whopping 1500 meters.It was discovered by a Spanish expedition in 1540. You can reach this amazing place from a town called Flagstaff. You can get there by a car or a train. If you go by car you have to pay entrance fee.

How did it emerge?

Grand Canyon, according to data has a “newer” origin, but the erosion of the Colorado River began about 6 million years ago. The composition of the rocks in the canyon tells us that Colorado River has a much lower water level now than before, which indicates the possibility that the region in which it is located was once the bottom of the sea. All data indicate its existence 2 billion years ago.

Impressive, is it not? When in 1963 dam was built on the Colorado River, it nearly interrupted the complete natural flow of water in the canyon. Canyon vegetation consists mostly of desert plants, such as agave and Spanish bayonet.

And what about the climate? Here the summer is really hot, and winter is cold. Unbearable heat alternate to intolerable cold. Forestation in this national park, which is visited by four million tourists a year is partial, and most of the trees are evergreen plants.

The main attractions

Skywalk a.k.a. walk across the sky, is available to tourists since 2007. The construction above the canyon in part where it is shaped like a horseshoe offers a fantastic view to the bottom of the canyon, leaving you breathless. Waterfalls in the Grand Canyon are all part of the same visit and tour. Navajo, Havasu and Money Park leave you breathless in the areas of idyllic water surfaces. Indian tribes’population like Hopi, Navajo, Havasupai, Paiute and Hualapai bring an extra breath of history, culture and education in this adventure.

Grand Canyon, in itself, is a challenge for people who love adventuresome tourism. If you want to climb down to the river you can, by special track that is 6 kilometers long. You can find the best accommodation in the nearby EL Tower hotel next to which is a small hospital, the railway station and the camp. Adventurers would have certainly recommended spending the night in a tent in the canyon. Beautiful sunsets from one of the lookouts such as Mather Point or Vavapaia will make you forget everything else in the world, at least for a moment. One of the Seven Wonders of the World is still waiting for you, what are you waiting for?

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