Great Wall, China

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Great Wall in China is the largest structure built by human hands. It stretches across mountains, deserts and plains over a length of over 6,000 kilometers, and it was built to keep out invaders from the north. Today tourists from every part of the world come to see this one of the kind wonder of the world. It starts as a series of smaller walls that initially were not associated with each other. The first sections of the wall were built around 600 BC.

As time passed, the Chinese emperors were merged to keep the Huns, Mongols and other invading and marauding tribes outside its territory. Thousands of soldiers, peasants and prisoners spend majority of their life working on the construction of the wall, when the Ming Dynasty ruled the country. Great Wall of China, has a height between 5 and 9 meters and a width of 8 meters with 4.5 meters wide path at the top, made of stone and mud bricks.


For every few hundred meters watchtower have been built, which served as warehouses for food and equipment for soldiers. Also cannonballs were fired from there and smoke signals were broadcasted as a warning to other watch towers of the invasion coming.

In some periods of the history Great Wall was guarded by up to a million soldiers. At the end of the Middle Ages, the wall has lost its military and defensive function.

Over time, it has been damaged due to weather conditions, earthquakes and wars, even the Chinese government deliberately destroyed some parts of the wall to make roads and some other construction projects, while in the western part of China, in the desert areas, the wall is completely covered by sand. Most of the wall perished, while only third of the wall is preserved and in good condition. And as such, the It is still a massive building worth of admiration.

The Chinese government in 2006 has taken action in the form of various projects in order to preserve one of the world’s most important structures. Today the wall is on the list of world cultural heritage, and one of the most important symbols of China. It is proof of the knowledge and tenacity of the largest nation on the planet and is a major tourist attraction nowadays. The most visited part of the wall is part near Beijing, and this destination every year is visited by about 6 million tourists.

In The Ripley’s Believe It or Not! section, from May 1932, claimed that the wall can be seen from the moon, and Richard Halliburton in his book- Second Book of Marvels from 1938 stated similar claim, but this is not true. This belief has persisted, gaining the status of urban legends, and even appeared in some textbooks. But even though it is not true, this is still one of those places that everyone should visit during his or hers lifetime.

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