How To Get To Amalfi Coast

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If you visit Italy, you might ask yourself how to get to Amalfi coast, and the easiest way to get to this magnificent stretch is definitely by a car. However if you are flying to Italy you will need some other means of transportation to get there. Renting a car will allow you to go on your own pace stopping where ever you want, but that option can be pricey. For more budget friendly solutions choose bus or a train. Two cities with international airports that are closest to Amalfi Coast are Rome and Napoli.

Napoli is closer but most of the people will probably fly to Rome, taking a chance to spend at least a day in a city with richest history in the world. If you decide to go by train there is direct link, more precisely a line that goes from Rome to Salerno. The ticket costs around 45 Euros but it can be purchased for less if you book in advance. From Salerno you can easily find transportation to other places.


During the summer there are direct bus lines from Rome to Praiano and Positano. The bus leaves from depot that is very close to Tiburtina train station in Rome. The ticket is around 20 Euros and the ride lasts for 4,5 hours.

If you are not in the rush and would like to spend some time in Rome and Napoli, after you finish sightseeing in Rome you can take fast train from to Napoli that runs frequently and the ride last approximately one hour.

These fast trains are not so cheap and one way ticket costs around 40 Euros. From Napoli, depending weather you want to go to the south or north of Amalfi, you can choose train to Sorrento (if you are headed north) or train to Salerno (if you are headed south). When you arrive to your destination SITA bus will take you to other towns. Naples to Salerno costs around 15 Euros, while ticket from Naples to Sorrento costs around 5 Euros.

As for the bus options there are direct links to Sorrento, Vietri sul Mare and Salerno. The price of tickets range from 7 – 10 Euros and buses run frequently. But how to get to Amalfi coast in most interesting way? Probably the best way to travel from Naples to Amalfi, Positano or Sorrento is by ferry. The ferry operates all year, costs approximately 12 Euros and the ride takes 40 minutes. Although Sorrento is technically not part of Amalfi Coast, many tourists use it as a base for visiting all other towns that do belong.

SITA buses have departures from Sorrento on hourly bases during the whole year and from here you can visit every place all the way to Amalfi. For the places that are situated south of Amalfi you will need to take other SITA bus from there. So there you go, we listed all possible opetion, and hopefully we answered your question how to get to Amalfi coast.

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