How To Use Packing Cubes

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If you were wondering what are they, are they really necessary, or how to use packing cubes, imagine this. You are fully packed traditionally but suddenly you realize you need something from the bottom of your backpack or suitcase. Chances of getting it without disarranging everything else in the bag is quite small. You would have to take everything out and pack it again. This is where packing cubes become very, very useful.

Fist, lets explain what they are – they are smaller containers made out of fabric with zip opening. They come in variety of sizes and couple of shapes, which allows you to arrange them in suitcase, handbag or backpack and take up all available space. Having things packed in packing cubes would allow you to find everything you need without messing with the rest of your bag. You just take out cubes at the top and reach bottom one, take the thing you need and stack them back up.

At the same time it helps you sort everything you are taking with you, for example you can have smaller one for cosmetics, jewelry and smaller items, and couple of larger ones for your shoes, shirts and bottoms. The arrangement of cubes and items in them should be individual thing customized for your needs. You should not worry about whether you are doing it the right way. The right way is the way that works for you. Some guidelines should however be followed to get the idea on how to use packing cubes efficiently.


If you are putting cosmetics in, be sure to place liquid packages in leak proof containers before you place them in. When you arrive at your destination, unpack one and use it for your dirty clothes.

As you fill it there will be room in others to pack the things you took out from this one. When it comes to which one to buy, that also depends on your needs. You can find everything, from high quality ones, which also cost more, to cheap alternatives.

If you don’t travel often but you like the idea of packing cubes you should probably go for the cheaper version, while the people who spend a lot of time on the road should consider ones that costs more, since they are more durable and better quality. Many companies that make suitcases have their own packing cubes that perfectly match the size of their suitcases. However, since majority of suitcases on the market come in standardized sizes the cubes also come in standardized dimensions.

There is couple of benefits of packing cubes that are not directly tied with their original purpose. If you are outdoor type and like to camp, you can use cubes filled with shirts as a pillow. The other use for them is item storage when you are not traveling. Use them to store your winter clothes during the summer or vice versa. It can be tricky to learn how to use packing cubes proficiently, but when you do, you won’t be able to live without them.

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