Las Vegas – A City Of Sin And Entertainment

Las VegasPhoto by teekay72

Las Vegas is situated on 340 square kilometers in Nevada and it is its largest city. Along with Monte Carlo it is the world’s largest gambling center. A while ago it was a little oasis in the desert where cowboys rested on their long journeys to California. Today it is the fastest growing city in America and probably the only one where the main airport, McCarran, is in the city center. It is a favorite destination of the world for entertainment and the city that is built for fun.

It was founded in 1905 by the American mafia in the Mojave Desert. Even though this was completely inadequate space for living, they opened “Mirage” that included a casino that works even today. Today, Las Vegas has a population of 600,000 citizens and this is one of the few cities in the world that almost completely lives off tourism and gambling. During your stay in this amazing city of gambling, splendor, wealth and happiness, it is possible to get married at every step in a number of registered offices that can organize your wedding.

“The legendary Las Vegas” – as it is written at the entrance to the city, because of the variety that this wonderful city has to offer – earned its title as one of the major tourist destinations in the world.


Since it has everything from excellent restaurants, shopping and most prestigious brands, diverse dining to exciting entertainment and night life, Las Vegas is no longer just a gambling Mecca. More than 35 million visitors visit the city annually.

The greatest sights are certainly casinos, and most of them are located on the Las Vegas Boulevard. Huge hotels lined up along the Strip street offer visitors more than you can imagine. Behind the flashing neon and dazzling lights, each of them is a unique destination itself – the lights glowing from all sides, the music plays and hotels shine in all colors … And that’s only outside – step into any of the known casinos along the Strip, and you’ll enter a world of fantasy.

You may choose to stay in one of the many extremely interesting hotels like at the hotel in the shape of a pyramid, and the Knights’ Castle Camelot where you will be welcomed by male receptionists in the armor, and the female receptionist dressed as fairies. You can stay in the Eiffel Tower, or the part of the hotel that looks like Manhattan or any other part of the New York – all this is for tourists, within reach … You can pretty much buy anything in this amazing city, of course if you have enough money.

When it comes to prices, they are high, but if you came to this city you came for one reason, and that is – to spend. Every day in Las Vegas can be a whole new vacation. You can visit Mandalay Bay sandy beach and wave pool or the Bellagio fountains – beautiful fountains that “dance” to the rhythm of music, famous Fremont Street – the old Las Vegas what you remember from old movies and Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. This is the city of sin, the city of pleasure, spending, good time, and escape from reality. And don’t forget the golden rule of Vegas – “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

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