South Beach, Miami, FLPhoto by James Willamor

From the Everglades to the wild, samba in eclectic cafes, nature and beautiful people, Miami is a fantastic location for your holidays. With its great beaches, art deco architecture and world-class nightclubs, it is a city of magic. Just for the record, this nickname was given in 1920′, after the architectural boom that transformed the city, seemingly overnight. Today’s tropical climate and easy access to the sparkling waters of the main beaches attract all kinds of people here on holiday – from newlyweds, to families, and of course, celebrities who are regular visitors.

Besides the beaches, water and heat, in Miami you can find luxury shops, restaurants, museums, beautiful gardens and a handful of nightclubs. Take walk through the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Biscayne Bay. Here you will find European-inspired estate, founded in 1910, where a wonderful collection of rare orchids can be seen. Seaquarium is a great place for a family outing. Spend a day with hundreds of sea creatures and enjoy the show given to you by a killer whale and cute dolphins. Island jungle is another winner when we talk about interesting activities during a family holiday.

Located between downtown and South Beach, the zoo presents some of the rarest animals and it is the home of Pinkie, cockatoo that rides a bicycle. Once you absorb enough sunlight, explore some of the different parts of the city, such as the Miami Beach Architectural District.

Nickname of this area is Art Deco district, and it is the largest collection of architecture of the twenties and thirties in the United States. Drink exotic drinks with umbrellas, relax and enjoy the view of the ocean from one of these retro pastel colored buildings.

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the interior of these buildings, because many of them are turned into restaurants, bars and hotels. Every winter Little Havana is host to one of the world’s largest festivals. Calle Ocho street festival attracts more than a million people a year. If you find yourself in Miami in early March, do not miss s fantastic celebration of music, food and folklore from Miami Hispanic-American culture. After you’ve enjoyed all the key attractions of this city, the rest of your holiday you can spend as the local population spends every day here.

Watch basketball, eat fresh seafood, take your towel and enjoy sunbathing and swimming. As the day comes to the end, enjoy the sunset on South Beach, and use the night to dance until dawn in one of the great nightclubs. If you want to have permanent reminder of your dream holiday, you can always visit some of the most popular tattoo studios in the world.

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