Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo, MonacoPhoto by EEPaul

Monte Carlo, Monaco’s center, is still famous as a playground for the rich and famous. The yachts are large and luxurious as the villas, champagne is considered to be the national drink, and even the train station looks like the lobby of some noble court. So if you choose to visit Monte Carlo, do it with style. You do not even have to stay in the most expensive hotels and eat in the most luxurious restaurants to feel the beauty of this place. It will be enough just to look around the beautiful flower gardens, clean streets and visit the most magnificent Aquarium in the world.

More precisely, it is the Oceanographic Museum which is housed in an elegant building opened in 1910. In the basement of a museum there is stunning aquarium where as many as 4,000 different species of fish reside. Be sure to take one of many daily tours on the fun tourist train that takes you around Monaco. You will visit the port of Monaco, Monte Carlo and its palaces, famous Casino, the Old Town and the town hall and of course the Royal Prince’s palace, one of the few royal palaces that did not change its function over the centuries, which means that is still being used today as the home of the Grimaldi family.


Place du Casino is central place, the liveliest place, and the thing that will probably leave the biggest impression is rarely seen, high concentration of ultra-expensive cars. Be sure to dress nice and elegant when visiting Grand Casino. If you just want a peak you can’t do it, because it is not allowed without trying your luck in it.

It is home to the famous track where the Formula 1 race is held. Race goes through the streets and it is very exciting because viewers can follow the action from the immediate vicinity and it is a real attraction to visit just in that time. Long track of 3,340 meters, drivers cross 78 times during the race and it has many bends, so because of that it is reasonably believed to be the most challenging one in the world.

When you stop in one of the restaurants (be well prepared for what you will see when it comes to prices), be sure to try some of their specialties. There are Barbahuan – type pastries stuffed with rice and pumpkin, then Fugas – especially cakes decorated with walnuts, almonds and aniseed, Soka – a kind of succulent crepes, Stokafi – dried cod cooked in tomato sauce. In case you were wondering, It has a total population of about 15,000 inhabitants and not only in the areas where Le Grand Casinois, but it also includes the district of Saint Michel, Saint Roman / Tenao and beach Larvoto.

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