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Montenegro with the capital Podgorica (former Titograd) extends to 13,800 square kilometers and has more than 620,000 inhabitants with highly diverse ethnic composition. Montenegrin language is officially used as well as Cyrillic and Latin alphabet, and Serbian, Bosnian, Albanian and Croatian language as well. What is particularly interesting is that they use european currency, although they are not member of the EU and eurozone. Even though it is a small country you should not avoid it when traveling to southeast Europe. If you choose to spend your vacation there, we recommend these places you should definitely visit.


In 1952, this mountain in Montenegro was declared a national park. Within the park there is mountain massif of Durmitor, the canyons of rivers Tara, Susica and Draga and upper Komarnica canyons. The total area of the National Park “Durmitor” has almost 40,000 hectares. You can also see stunning glacial lakes. In total there are 18 of them, and they are all located at an altitude above 1,500 meters.

Herceg Novi


This city is one of the most popular in the country. In its municipality you can find the most important Montenegrin spa resort Igalo. While there, you should definitely see: Kings Castle (built in 1382), the famous Kanli tower, clock tower in the Old Town, Serbian church of St. Archangel Michael, home of the famous Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric.


One of the oldest cities in the country, Kotor, founded in the mid-14th century (1336), had its own shipyard, which existed until early 19th century. In the city center there is a church of St. Nicholas, whose bell tower is 55 meters high.

It is interesting that, although a small town, Kotor has a great number of churches. In addition to this, you can see numerous old buildings and monuments that tell the story of the city in their own way.

Ada Bojana

At the mouth of the river Bojana in the Adriatic Sea, there is a river island called Ada Bojana. It was created artificially, and its area is about 5 square kilometers. There are many legends about its origin and it is certainly worth visiting. It is characterized by the shape of a triangle with beautiful sandy beach facing the sea. On Ada Bojana you can see Mediterranean and subtropical vegetation, and some of the animal and plant species that grow here are unique in Europe.

Sveti Nikola (Saint Nicholas)

The main resort of Budva, this island is located just 1 kilometer from the town. While on the island, you should visit three beautiful sandy beaches, around it there are many smaller beaches that are accessible only by boats.

Sveti Stefan (St. Stefan)

It is the famous resort near Budva. It is the island that is connected with the mainland, and it represents one of the most luxurious places for vacation in Montenegro. It is believed that the fortress on the island was built in the mid 15th century (1442). Many celebrities visited St. Stefan including Madonna, Steven Segal, Monica Bellucci and many others.

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