Natural Wonder – Niagara Falls

Chutes du NiagaraPhoto by Guillaume Capron

Niagara Falls, which are the second largest in the world after Victoria’s falls are one of the nature’s most amazing creations. With 168,000 cubic meters water flow per minute they are one of the most impressive and beautiful waterfalls in the world. About 12 million tourists come to visit the waterfalls and enjoy their amazing beauty. Niagara, which means water that roars, makes a natural border between the United States and Canada, and the name was given by American Indians.

From Lake Erie Niagara river flows peacefully for almost 56 kilometers, then it turns into the rapids of the hectic rush near the Lake Ontario. This is followed by a dramatic drop from a height of about 50 meters where with a sound of thunder rushes into a bottomless abyss. Goat Island, at the edge of the cascade, divides the river into two parts. American Falls on the east side make a straight line that is 328 meters long, and four meters higher than the Canadian Horseshoe Falls (Niagara horseshoe).

They are however much more spectacular and twice wider than the American Falls, and as the name implies, have a horseshoe shape. Stretch width is up to 675 meters. Especially interesting is that the river by horseshoe is deeper than the height of the waterfall.

The river at this place is 56m deep, and the waterfall is 52 meters high. That part of falls takes about 90 percent of the flow of Niagara is called the Canadian waterfall, because it is mostly visible from the Canadian side of the border.

American waterfall is divided into two parts and it is less impressive than the Canadian. This is why most tourists who visit Niagara Falls are coming to Canada because the experience is much more fascinating. Known for its beauty, Niagara Falls is a popular tourist destination, but also it is a great source for electricity production. There, in 1893, the world’s first hydroelectric plant was opened, and Nikola Tesla is largely credited for its construction because he devised it. Beautiful colors make this waterfall stunning.

When it’s sunny, due to thousands of water droplets which are flying in the air, a beautiful rainbow is created that covers almost the entire horseshoe. Even when night falls, the colors will not fade away. Those who visit this magical place from mid-May to the end of August,will have the opportunity to enjoy evening of spectacular fireworks. Niagara Falls is one of the most desirable places for weddings and honeymoons. On the opposite banks of the river the twin cities are settled – the Niagara Falls in New York state, and Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada, and both of them have been experiencing a real tourist boom.

Annually around 50,000 couples come to Canada’s Niagara Falls for the honeymoon and weddings. This tradition started back in 1804 when Napoleon’s younger brother, Jerome Bonaparte came here and brought his bride Elizabeth Patterson from Baltimore to enjoy the beauty of the falls. Those who during the visit Niagara Falls suddenly decide to get married, it can be arranged at the last minute and for that you need minimum of 499 Canadian dollars. There are other packages for the ones with deeper pockets.

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