New York

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It is the most populous city in the United States. The official names for the city are the NY City or The City of New York to distinguish it from the eponymous State. It also has numerous other names like Big Apple and it is world known for its skyscrapers, Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty and hectic lifestyle. It is located in one of the world’s largest ports, and it consists of five boroughs. These five districts – the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island were united in one city in 1898.

In New York, people use more than 800 different languages making it the city with the most linguistically diverse backgrounds in the world. It is a world city, the intersection of a multitude of nations, cultures and languages. With more than 20,000 restaurants, 150 museums city truly offers something for everyone. It is, above all, a city made for pedestrians. Along its streets you can find great diversity of different interests wherever you go, and its character is changed every few blocks.

It does not matter which part of town you visit, you will always find something interesting and unique. Given the amount of interesting things, even the locals find it difficult to choose what is most worth visiting and exploring. But beneath all the skyscrapers, city does have some main attractions that you should take look at while you’re in town. Therefore, here are a few basic things to experience in NY. Central Park, or as many called “the lungs of the city” is located in the upper part of Manhattan.


When you are in it, you will lose the feeling that you are in the real world metropolis. It is a natural oasis that provides real rest and relaxation to its visitors. The park is full of lakes, ponds, jogging tracks, a fountains, trees covered parts, monuments and stages.

Thing that is great about Central Park is the fact that, no matter how many people is there, there is always plenty of room to get away from it all. The most recognizable character of the city is definitely the Statue of Liberty, the largest metal statue in the world, 46 meters high.

US received it as a gift from France to mark the centennial of the Declaration of Independence and also a sign of disapproval of the current political system in France. It was made in 1884 in Paris and in its time was considered a real miracle of engineering. The Statue of Liberty was the first thing millions of people saw after they arrived in the main immigration center of America in the 20th century. Time Square has a special charm, and at night the lights reveal a completely different face of town square.

It is full of video screens and colorful flashing banners and lights. Times Square is a major point in Midtown Manhattan. It is also one of the world’s busiest pedestrian centers. According to Travel and Leisure magazine in October 2011. Times Square is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world. Almost 40 million people visit it every year.

So, take a walk through Central Park, visit the Statue of Liberty, climb the Empire State Building, shop on the Manhattan or visit another of the many attractions that this amazing city has to offer – you will not regret it. The City is special because of its crowd, dynamics and chaos that rules the streets, which makes it different from other US cities.

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