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Beer? Ja, bitte… only in one place in the world so much beer is consumed in short period of time. Oktoberfest in Munich is the largest beer folk festival on the planet. It is held since 1810, when it was arranged to honor of Prince Ludwig. Since then it has been held nearly every year except during the period from 1854 to 1873 because of the great cholera epidemic, as well as during the two world wars. Oktoberfest lasts for sixteen days, beginning in late September and ending in early October and every year it attracts more than six million people.

Just for this occasion special beer is produced by Wiesen containing little more alcohol than standard beer. First barrel is opened by mayor which shouts “O’zapft is!” (It is opened). It is always interesting to see how many times the mayor will have to strike to get the barrel open, and there are even bets. Beer is poured in fourteen large tents, and getting into them can be a big problem. If you do not enter the tent there is no beer for you.


When the capacity of the tents is filled, the door is closed and no one can go inside. If you get in you will get served by waitresses in traditional costumes. Each of them can carry ten pints of beer mugs at the time, and one weighs more than a kilogram.

Experienced ones can carry twelve. Now imagine what kind of training they need to withstand all-day of work. The atmosphere is always cheerful. You can eat, drink, sing and dance, and bands and DJs are in charge of atmosphere.

Diversity is all around these main attractions. From all kinds of fast foods to a variety of drinks, but not beer, to get the beer, you have to go inside. Munich is a great city and you can reach it in several ways. The fastest one, by far is plane, but you can also come by bus or train. The train is perhaps the best option because Oktoberfest is located near the main station. Accommodation in Munich is diverse – hotels, hostels or private rooms. Hotel prices range from $50 up to $300 per night depending on the hotel categorization.

Hostels are much cheaper, you just have to reserve a bed in time. Private accommodation ranges from $50 per night and up. It all depends on the luxury and proximity to the festival. The most important thing is that mug of beer costs between 9 and 10 euros. During the festival, visitors drink about 6 million liters of beer, 35 thousand bottles of wine, 20 thousand bottles of champagne, 200 thousand cups of coffee, 700 thousand bottles of water. They eat about 200 thousand pairs of sausage, 500 thousand chickens, 50 thousand pounds of fish.

Parents on average lose about 80 children. Festival is open daily from 10 am to 11:30 pm, and on weekends from 9 am to 11.30. The true party always begins after 6 pm.

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