One And Only Japan

Blue Hour over TokyoPhoto by Schwarzkaefer

Japan is geographically isolated country, with about 120 million inhabitants, who are very friendly, but do not speak English or any other foreign language. So the communication barrier is the first thing you encounter, although they all work hard to communicate with you somehow, most often by using their personal digital translators. The Japanese people are used to order and rules and you’ll never see that someone is breaking the rules, even if in public places with massive number of people.

They are people who extremely respect the tradition and hierarchy, and in each group you will be able to spot who has hierarchically the highest rank, and if there is no formal hierarchy then the highest rank has the one who is the oldest. Land of the Rising Sun is as you can imagine also a country of new technologies. A country that is certainly technologically more advanced than any other country in the world. Unlike all the other metropassengers in the world, they do not read books or newspapers, but they use mobile phones for surfing the Internet, reading e-books, playing games …

The Japanese are a people who like to visit museums and galleries, and of course they are family oriented. Each institution will surely find something that will attract attention. It is interesting that every major company has a showroom designed to explain and promote technological activities and modes of operation.

From the brewery to telecommunications companies, you can in a very interesting and intuitive way find out what they do and how it works. Science museums are more interesting, because in them you can play all day in the simulators, or on an analog model of the Internet, or to learn the anatomy of the human body on a model.

From an early age they have the opportunity to adopt a popular way to new concepts, but also to follow new trends in science and technology. That is why one of the most interesting programs at the Science Museum in Tokyo is famous dancing humanoid robot ASIMO, which can move on two feet, and run as a man while maintaining the balance. Also, you can see interesting exhibits relating to the development of the idea of alien life. Everything is very popular, clear and interesting. It is very interesting to visit the development center of one of the biggest world’s telecommunications companies NTT that always brings novelties in the field of mobile phones.

If you are into space be sure to visit one of the largest planetarium in Asia. Beside planetarium projection, you can see the scientific films on the wall of planetarium, an exhibition on a scientific topic where you can get together with the demonstrator and do some experiments… On the other hand, Japan is a land of tradition and culture. You can feel it on every step. A country that is very proud of its long history and all its specificity. Therefore, you can visit a large number of temples (Buddhist and Shinto), traditional theaters, teahouses with tea ceremonies.

And if you get friendly with the locals they will let you spend time in their families, where you can see how one place combines the traditional and the modern – watching TV at the big plasma screens while sitting and sleeping on tatami floor, eating with chopsticks while fridge is managed digitally… It is important to note that thanks to the strong tradition Japan came to where it is today, to one of the world’s strongest economies and technologically most developed countries. The individual represents the entire community and is ready for any sacrifice for the common good.

The hierarchy and the rules are always, but always respected. Japan imports only what they must. From technology to raw materials – only what they cannot produce. Japan is also a country in the 24th and 14th centuries at the same time. The modern and new is very well intertwined with the traditional and archaic. Japan is a country of well-meaning and hospitable people.

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