One Of The Most Stunning Places – Tahiti

Tahiti IslandPhoto by PRMF

Tahiti is located in the South Pacific and it is the largest of the 118 islands and atolls that make up French Polynesia. It is the part of the Social Islands (Archipel de la Société), the archipelago which consists of Bora Bora, Rajatea, etc. As you might already know Tahiti is composed of two volcanic mountain ranges – most of the islands in the shape of a turtle called Tahiti Ni and Tahiti Iti.

Papeete and Morea

Papeete, the capital and administrative center of French Polynesia was once a small fishing little town. Today it is a bustling harbor full of luxury yachts, cruise ships and freighters. In on one of the many markets in Papeete you can shop jewels at very decent prices. After the half-hour ferry ride from Papito, capital of French Polynesia, there is the island of Morea. It became known for its numerous opportunities in outdoor sports – from diving to kayaking. You should also visit the whole island, and the best way is to join established group safaris.

Morea also offers an interesting accommodation in bungalows on the water that made French Polynesia world known. The most beautiful are in Hilton Morea. Wedding and engagement are often conducted on the private beaches of the island at very affordable prices.


The traditional wedding involves piles of flowers, shells and ornaments made of natural materials, the groom and the bride in a canoe on the throne of twigs. When a groom floats and reaches his beloved, priest is “marrying” them and gives them some Tahiti names for their firstborn.


Do not be surprised if you are greeted by passers-by on the streets of Tahiti. In fact, Tahitian people are very kind and known for cheerful mood. The slogan “aitaPe’aPe’a” which loosely translates to “no problem” really is their way of life. Be patient and kind with them and you can get anything you want, of course, with a big smile. If you are looking for someone special there, you should know that it is customary to wear a tiara (national white flower) behind the left ear if you’re taken and behind the right if you’re free.

People of Tahiti have very white teeth because they eat foods rich in fluoride, and more than half the population is under age of 20. Museum of pearl is the only museum in the world dedicated solely to pearls. It shows the tradition of collecting pearls as well as their place in culture, art, mythology, religion. The traditional fishing with rocks is still popular during some festivals. Dozens of canoes form a semicircle and men throw stones in water frightening the fish which then flee in shallow water.

The men then jump out of the canoe, banging their fists on the water and forcing the fish to shore. The word “tattoo” comes from amazing place. Legend states that Tohu, the god of tattoo, painted fish in beautiful colors. In the Polynesian culture, tattoos are always considered beautifying and sometimes ceremonial. Young people get tattooed when they enter adolescence.

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