the inlet - Miami Beach


Florida is one of the most visited countries in the world. Those who search for fun, sun and excitement, should visit the country often referred to as “the country of the sun.”

Budapest, Hungary  (explored)


Budapest is one of those places that no matter how many times you visit, it always excites you with some newly discovered details, and whether you come in cold autumn or during the summer, when the Hungarian capital is an inevitable destination of many ‘backpackers’, ‘Queen of the Danube’ will not disappoint you.

Saint Tropez


France is most visited country of the word when it comes to tourism. Its diversity is the main cause of its popularity.



To experience entire Asia in just one trip, the best idea is to go to Singapore, city-state that is often called “Microcosmos of Asia”.



Spain is a beautiful country, sun, sea and joyful people will welcome you here so if you plan to travel – do not hesitate!



Contemporary films, especially Hollywood productions often depicted ancient Romans as big hedonists. Not without reason – this was partly true.

Back !

Oahu is third largest island in Hawaii. It is an island of contrast, being place where ancient stone temples meet 21 century buildings. 1,2 million people live on this island, and third of them lives in urban area of Honolulu, which is only big city in all Hawaii.

Sun  Shining in Abu Dhabi - Old and New

Abu Dhabi

Usually when people decide to visit United Arab Emirates, they choose Dubai, not knowing that capital of this country Abu Dhabi is developed as much as its flashy neighbor and even richer.

Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy


Europe’s most famous boot has it all: popes, painters, lovers, poet and political rulers. Three thousand years of history, culture and cuisine seduces everyone – Italy was made for romance.