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Portland is a city where opposites collide, a metropolis in which you feel safe like in some small town. The city celebrates ecology and diversity and is therefore a paradise for cyclists, vegans etc. It is full of smiling and courteous people whose motto is “Keep Portland Weird” – a weird motto, right? We will start city tour in the Pearl district, part of the city that was once an industrial area where the old warehouses are now converted into unusual restaurants, galleries, boutiques of famous brands.

Best time to visit this district would be the first Thursday of the month when the galleries are working prolonged and area is transformed into a spot for street entertainment. Over the weekend, choose a route along the river for a daily walk and you’ll end up at famous arts and craft market. Top handmade crafts, food, street performers are just a few of diverse interesting things that happen here on the largest market of its kind in the world with its 250 stalls. Portland artists and craftsmen exhibit their works here and do their performances.


The place where the weekends are filled with life. Right beside cultivated Washington Park is little wilder Forest Park. These two parks are connected by numerous hiking trails. Forest Park extends over 5100 acres and is a real rain-forest oasis. Within the park there are bookstores and 4.5 miles of trails.

A large villa built by Henry Pittock – Villa Pittock is the main attraction of the park. Great place for a nature getaway and a quiet picnic. The main plaza of Portland, Pioneer Courthouse Square, which is often called ” living room” is a place of constant activities.

At any time here you will came across the exhibits, concerts, festivals, rallies or people who eat lunch on their break. The specificity of the square is that it is paved with bricks that have engraved names on them. Anyone may request engraving their names or any other name they desire. Portland is often referred as city of roses, and it is the story that started more than a hundred years ago. One citizen persuaded the local government to provide space for the garden, where European roses will be cultivated because there was a fear that during bombing in World War II many species would disappear.

This is a story how the most beautiful part of the Portland was born – the Rose Test Garden. In the area of the park there are more than 500 different varieties of roses at the time of blooming colors are breathtaking. Among the first settlers in Oregon there was many Germans who brought with them the tradition of German brewing. In the city of Portland there are more than fifty breweries, some of which make excellent wheat beer following the old German recipes. A beautiful city that anyone should visit, especially cyclists since the city is known as cycling capital of USA and because there are more than 400 km of cycling trails all over the city.

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