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If you pass on the new continent, Seattle will probably not be your first choice, but if you visit it once, it can easily become a city in which you wish to return. It is located in the far northwest of the American continent in the State of Washington, across Puget between the bay and Lake Washington. This city, like medieval fortifications, guards the route to mainland America on the one hand and the endless spaces of Alaska on the other.

The first settlers from Europe arrived back in 1851 and they settled in a part of town nestled along the coast, which they named Alki. Also, according to legends, the city of Seattle, like Rome, lies on seven hills. If you asked someone about Seattle, the first association of this city would inevitably be Microsoft, Starbucks, Boeing or bands Pearl Jam and Nirvana, depending on the personal interests of the respondents. But, the story is just beginning.

Only when we step on the streets of this city, we discover its other dimensions. A walk can start from the southern part of the city dominated by the port. Near the port there is an imposing edifice designed for the most popular sporting events, baseball stadium Safeco Field and Qwest Field football stadium. Both buildings are characterized by modern architectural and technical solutions. Seattle is a city of water. Since the Seattle is city on the coast of the ocean, surrounded by numerous lakes, its residents during most of the year gravitate towards these places.

A sunny day in Seattle inevitably means hundreds of boats that masterfully conquered the water. It could be said that in parallel with the urban core of the city, Seattle on the water exists also – from rafts converted into living spaces to the most exclusive parts of the city situated along the coast.

We continue to Fourth Avenue, which leads us to the center of town. At the corner of Madison Street and Fourth Avenue proudly stands Her Majesty the Central Library of the city of Seattle.


Since it was built, Library has always represented a kind of turning point in the architecture of the city. A masterpiece of contemporary architecture is product of architectural superstar, Rem Koolhaas, who built it in cooperation with the architectural bureau LMN from Seattle. If you continue down to First Avenue, you will find a large number of shops with the art, cafes and restaurants that resist competition from large chain restaurants. Parallel to the survival of two opposite categories in one place, it is also one of the things that this city successfully balances.

If you like coffee, then Seattle is the right destination for you. However, apart from the inevitable Starbucks lurking around every corner and simply lures scent of fresh coffee in the most improbable combinations, give a chance to some of the smaller cafés. However, if you belong to those who derive pleasure from art a large number of museums are at your disposal. One of the largest and certainly the most important is the Seattle Art Museum, whose permanent exhibition includes a large number of art objects from different cultures, with the common motive of linking the past and the present.

Olympic Sculpture Park is the result of a project conducted by the Seattle Art Museum and the Fund for Public Land, in order to revitalize part of the city, located along the coast. And while you admire one of the many sculptures set in a park, the horizon merges the bay and mountains, and gets you to the next destination that reveals a whole new dimension of the city – Pike Place Market. The minute you step into this place, the tough city streets replace that special atmosphere that prevails in large urban markets.

The story of the Space Needle, the main symbol of the city today, is starting in 1959. As a result of a compromise between the vision of Edward Carlson who wanted to set central building that dominated the urban core, and concrete architectural solutions developed by John Graham. When you visit all this, exhausted from the impressions and experiences, the only thing that remains is to go to any of the countless restaurants. And the choice is really great. The most diverse cuisines of the world have found their place in this city.

Interiors are competing in a sense of comfort, with modern, sometimes provocative approach, which is the main weapon in the fight against monotony. If you are Sleepless in Seattle this city certainly provide something that could fill your time.

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