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If you want to experience entire Asia in just one trip, the best idea is to go to Singapore, city-state that is often called “Microcosmos of Asia”. It is a mixture of Chinese, Malaysian and Indian influences. Singapore is the smallest country in Asia composed of 63 islands, but it still offers variety of attractions from tropical forest and ancient temples to ultramodern skyscrapers. Its capital is Singapore, cosmopolitan and very diverse city that became art center with its famous complex called Esplanade.

The city is very densely populated but that won’t pose any trouble since they have one of the most perfect public transportations and the cabs are cheap. Restaurants are everywhere and for everybody’s taste and pocket. Shopaholics love it as well because here almost every famous brand has its store including Louis Vuitton, Gucci and other. Singapore used to be just fishing village but in 1800’s British company made it strategic place on silk road. Just 200 years later it became world center of business, culture, trade and tourism.

Modern architecture prevails in majority of the city but local and colonial influences can be seen as well. Its climate is tropical since it is very close to Ecuador, so it is usually very hot and temperature don’t vary much. Most rain falls in the winter – December to March, and from June to September in the summer.

For nature fans, Botanical Garden, Jurong Bird Park and city Zoo are the three attractions they should not be missed. Botanical garden has enormous plant collection, including those that are close to extinction, while in the zoo there are thousands of different species. Zoo has night attraction called Night Safari.

Bird park is the biggest park of that kind in the world that houses 8000 birds and more than 600 different species. Visitors can walk trough biggest cage in the world and see the biggest waterfall made by the man. The Boat Quay and Clarke Quay are the places where large colonial warehouses used to be which are now turned into some of the most famous restaurants and clubs in the city. Singapore original urban plan was made by Tomas Raffles and in this plan different ethnical groups should populate different areas so that is the reason there is Chinatown and Little India.

In both district tradition of its country dominates the area. There are many museums in the city but if you have time just for one it should be National Singapore Museum. Its main attraction is Singapore history gallery which is modern, high-tech exhibit that leads visitors trough entire history of this country. Marina Bay Sands and Resort World Sentos are two bit resort that are completely designed for tourists. Here you can visit Singapore Flyer (sightseeing wheel), famous statue Merlion and beautiful beaches and most luxurious shops.

One important thing to mention is that throwing garbage on the street is punishable with high fines so be sure to throw things in predicted places.

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