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Spain is a beautiful country, sun, sea and joyful people will welcome you so if you plan to travel – do not hesitate! The most attractive resorts to visit are Mallorca, Ibiza, Costa Brava, and the cities Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, but the whole Spain is beautiful in its own way and its every corner radiates uniqueness. Its official name is the Kingdom of Spain. It is surrounded by Portugal, France and Andorra, and it opens up out to the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

The highest mountain peak – Mulhacén is located at 3,481 meters above sea level and belongs to the Massif Andalusia mountains. Climate in Spain, is very diverse. In majority of the country prevails the Mediterranean, but there are also parts with continental and mountain climate. Here we present few destination that you should visit during your stay in this beautiful country. If you prefer islands then go and visit Mallorca. It is the largest Spanish island.

It has a very favorable climate with long, dry summers. The island’s capital is Palma, which is also the largest port and administrative center. Mallorca is an island with two faces. First hides treasures of the most exciting historical events. The other one is crystal clear waters along with kilometers of long sandy beaches and great entertainment.


Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, the province that has its own specific language. So don’t worry if you don’t understand locals even though you got the Spanish course. The thing that gives a special charm to Barcelona is modernist architectural heritage of the famous Spanish master of architecture, Antonio Gaudi.

Wonderful mosaics inspired by nature decorate most of the buildings and the most representative example of this is word famous Park Guell, a magical place with a huge terrace from where you can watch this magical city.

It’s like you’ve wandered into a fairy tale. Placa Catalunya is the market and the heart of Barcelona, that separates the old and modern part of the city, and from where you can get to the famous Las Ramblas at the end of which is a statue of Columbus facing the open sea. In Las Ramblas you will be welcomed with colorful street performers, entertainers, people-statues, and in restaurants and cafes along the promenade you can take a short break and buy some souvenirs at the stands of street vendors.

Lloret de Mar is a city with incredible history. It is located in Catalonia, in the region of Costa Brava, near Barcelona and 100 km from the border with France. It has about 7 km long coastline with beautiful beaches, many hotels and restaurants. Costa del Sol is the area where the mountains meet the sandy Mediterranean coast.

Geographically it is probably the only one on European soil. This feature makes this area particularly interesting to numerous tourists from all over the world, because it is perfect for a holiday. It is the ideal combination of relaxation at sea and mountain. One of the biggest capitals of Europe, Madrid is the capital of the country, and also the capital of the province. As a cultural, political, financial, commercial center of the country, Madrid is also a place where the king is located, as well as bishops and other important members of the Spanish society.

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