Stonehenge – The Most Mysterious Place In England

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The greatest and undoubtedly the most mysterious large stone circle, Stonehenge is located in the English county Wiltshire, north of Salisbury. Stonehenge was considered a sacred place, but it was also in the service of astronomy. The stone circle was created around 1860 BC which excludes the Romans as builders, as well as the Celts, who appeared in England in the 6th century BC. So, it is considered that the creators are unknown people who did not know how to read and write. But how were big rocks transported to the construction site from 200 kilometers distant hills in Wales?

Those stones are giants that weight about 4.5 tons, the so-called blue rocks. It is a geometrical and astronomically accurately directed, and it looks like many other rock formations which still can be found all across the Europe (about 600 of them). Dr. Tom, a professor of mechanical engineering at Oxford, was first one who discovered, in 1967, that common unit of measurement: the megalithic yard (2.72 feet) was applied.


All circuits are based on the internal geometry of the use of a right-angled triangle, and that was only a thousand years later “officially” discovered. As a prof that the mysterious builders of megalithic circles were also brilliant astronomers are walls markings, scaffolding and nicks in the hills.

With their help one could observe winter and summer equinox, as well as the movement of the stars. So they were aware of “a little inaction” of the Moon caused by elliptical motion of satellites, which can be seen every 18.6 years.

English astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle joked in connection with this achievement how they probably had a Newton or Einstein. When Julius Caesar, during the Roman occupation of Britain visited Stonehenge, he wrote this back to Rome: “The priest’s community had to learn by heart many verses and often spent 20 years of their life learning it. Their knowledge did not have records for two reasons – First, in order to preserve the secrets from the public, and second, so that the students practiced their memory.” But with time this knowledge was lost.

It’s hard to explain how it was built. Some even think that it was raised by aliens who visited Earth thousands of years ago. This theory is propagated by those who believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life forms. Excavations began in the fifties of the twentieth century, and since 1986, this building is on the UNESCO-World Heritage’s list. Today this is one of the most popular tourist attractions UK, every year visited by many tourists.

It’s great to visit this mysterious structure, and try to unravel the mystery that Stonehenge contained within. A museum and visitor center should help tourist to learn more about this place, with the help of the models and video simulations.

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