11 Stunning Places In United Kingdom

Buckingham PalacePhoto by Captain Roger Fenton 1860

2. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace was built more than 300 years ago following orders of the Duke of bucking, after which it became the official residence of the British monarchy. This popular tourist attraction has become a trademark of the town and the pride not only of those who live in London but the rest of Great Britain.


Impressive building still stands as a reminder of the most famous royal family. Certainly there isn’t a tourist who did not want to attend the changing of the guards that takes place traditionally for many years at the same time exactly at 11:30. Unfortunately, the beauty of the interior of the palace can be enjoyed only during the summer months, because only then visitors are allowed to enter. At that time the Queen is in Scotland.

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  1. Jennifer Capper

    I Don’t think the British appreciate what they’ve got and half of them have never seen some of these place. The UK is an amazing country

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