Sveti Stefan (St. Stefan)

Photo by ecl1ght

If you never visited Sveti Stefan you definitely should when you find yourself on Adriatic coast. Sveti Stefan is a small tourist town in Montenegro recognizable primarily by the island where there is a hotel that is connected to the mainland by artificial sandbars. Sandy isthmus that connects the coast and the island has two beaches on the left and right side -one is sandy and the other is covered by red pebbles. Sveti Stefan is now an elite resort, built by traders and fishermen who made it their home.

In 1960 it became a city hotel thanks to Lubarda and Milunovic which were famous painters, who recognized full potential of this amazing place as great tourist attraction that it is today! Sveti Stefan was visited by many celebrities such as: Novak Djokovic, Sophia Loren, Monica Vitti, Willie Brandt, Bobbi Fisher, Claudia Schifferand many others. When you come to this place, the first thing you’ll notice is that it is extremely quiet, which makes it the first choice of an elite guests.

However it is possible to find place to stay that is not so expensive, pricewise like other places on Adriatic coast. The luxurious hotels are however completely different story and you have to pay luxurious prices.

Sveti Stefan has several beaches, the largest is the main beach where the entrance is free, and where you have the option to rent a deck chair and parasol if you prefer. The part that is closer to the island is very nice, and as you go towards the end the gravel size is increasing.

Next beach is attached to the hotel Sveti Stefan, it is open for hotel guests, but also for those who want to pay around $50 for entrance. This beach is very clean and on it there are almost never waves because it is protected from the sea. If you continue to walk next to the hotel beach, you will first feel the wonderful smell of pine trees and the sea, and after some 50 meters you will come to the King’s beach. It is named after the king’s summer palace which now serves as a hotel and the entrance to this beach costs around $80.

Next beach after the King’s beach is Queen’s beach, and it is the smallest of all, with a beautiful red fine gravel and complete peace and quietness! This beach is only for guests of the hotel, which is located behind, so if you are not staying there you can’t swim on it… If you continue walking down the path, the next place you come across is called Milocer. It is also small and peaceful place with a beautiful and clean beach. Hotel Milocer is the largest building in this town, which houses a casino and is considered as an elite place.

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