Sydney from the Harbour Bridge.Photo by Hot Meteor

Sydney is the oldest city in Australia, established in 1788 and it is the capital of the Australian state of New South Wales. The financial, commercial, cultural, scientific and economic center, along with Melbourne it is the most important city in Australia. The city is located between the mountains, the ocean and the famous Opera House located in the port which gives it a familiar look. Some of the things that make this city special are the beautiful beaches on the Pacific Ocean. Wherever you are in the city, you are not more than half an hour away from a beach.

Starting from the most popular Palm Beach in the north, you can take a tour along the coast where you can see numerous stunning spots. There are various small beaches within Harbour and moving to the south you can find one of the most famous – Bondi Beach, beach sprinkled with golden sand, exciting mix of action with ice cream, designed cafes and surf shops. Beaches continue on and on: there is beach for everyone, all equipped with kiosks, white sand and golden bodies.

Even though it is not an ancient monument, Sydney Opera House is a symbol of the city just as the Great Pyramids in Cairo or the Acropolis in Athens. Located in Harbour on Bennelong, it is fully functional center for artistic performance in constant use. The complex seats more than 2,500 people and provides exquisite acoustics. Then there is the smaller Opera Theatre, which is also used for ballet, drama theater for 500 people, a smaller Playhouse and Boardwalk.


The building, designed by Joorn Utzon, was completed in 1973 and cost over $ 100 million. Tourist region Darling Harbour, located near business areas, can be crossed by train and offers a variety of entertainment facilities, museums, carnival trails, restaurants and shops.

There is Imax theater with the largest cinema screen in Australia, a fantastic Chinese Garden, as well as massive Star City Casino and the Entertainment Centre. The thing you definitely need to see is the city Aquarium, one of the best aquariums in the world.

Another recommendation is to take a tour at the National Museum of the Navy. One of the most famous trademarks of the city is Harbour Bridge, which was completed in 1932 after it changed its shape 16 times during construction. The bridge stretches about 500 meters from the northern to the southern end. The pedestrians are not able to walk across but instead there are two railway lines and the way of eight-track. However, visitors can experience the height of the bridge in adventurous way by climbing to the top in organized group.

For the less daring, 200 steps lead to Pylon lookout for equally fantastic view from 87 m above the water. Olympic Park is the place where they held the Australian Millennium Olympic Games in 2000. It was built on the site of the former depot and it is becoming a favorite tourist attraction. Today it is the main artery for Australian rugby and football matches. There are tours of the stadium. Large aquatic center is open for swimming for all visitors. Its green lung is a botanical garden, that spreads on 30 hectares.

It was established in 1816 and contains more than 7,500 species of plants and seedlings. Paths take pedestrians to the pond on two levels, various garden sculptures and numerous horticulture. Do not miss the Tropical Centre, gardens with roses, herbs and other themed gardens, the first farm, as well as the field with palm trees. Gardens also have a visitor center, shops, restaurants and kiosks. Within the gardens you can visit the house of government, once the residence of a new government in South Wales.

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