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In the last 10 to 15 years, Thailand has become one of the most attractive destinations in the world. Every year thousands of people visit Muang Thai (name for Thailand) looking for an unforgettable vacation.

Why Thailand so popular?

The main reason pretty much is its diversity, because even though it never has snow, Thailand can offer very different landscapes. A mountainous region in the north with the misty valleys is pretty different from the plains of central and northeastern Thailand. There are some of the most beautiful beaches and islands in the world, and nature, on the other hand is a contrast to the urban areas of the country. The largest city is Bangkok which is a capital of Thailand. Like in everything else, in cultural way Thailand is equally diverse.

Unlike other countries in the region, it has never been colonized, so its history and culture stayed intact and evolved in a natural way. Of course, the night life of Thailand is widely known and perhaps the main reason for its tourist boom. You can find cabarets, strip clubs and discos there even in a less known tourist areas. Another reason why Thailand is an increasingly popular destination is its accessibility. The infrastructure is among the most advanced in the region, transport, banking system and the telecommunications are world class.

However, the biggest asset of this country are still the people. Temperaments are totally opposite of “Westerners” and they do not take the smile off their faces even in extremely stressful situations.


Where to go?

Usually all visitors to Thailand first visit Bangkok. Cultural and administrative center has a lot to offer: nightclubs, restaurants and bars, monuments, museums and lot of other things.

Also be sure to visit places Chiang May and Chiang Ray with breathtaking mountain landscapes and unusual history that make them extremely interesting tourist places. You probably heard about Sukhotha – the ruins of the ancient city that offer insight into the glorious past of this stunning country.

Not a lot of people visit northeast, but cities Buriram and Loeiare are becoming increasingly popular among tourists. If you have interest in World War II you should stop in Kanchanaburi because it is rich in testimonies from this period. IF you have time stop by eastern provinces because they also have something to offer – Chonburiand its capital, Pattaya, HuaHin and Cha Am are also increasingly becoming tourist’s targets. Of course, there are places worth visiting in all of Thailand’s provinces, but doing so you deviate from the usual tour (perhaps that is your intention).

Thailand is famous for its islands – clean water, golden sand, palm trees and coconuts – real paradise on earth. The biggest island of Koh Chang is still not so popular, but the advantage is that it is very quiet place. Phi Phi islands are widely known, especially because of the movie “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role. In Thailand, you cannot be bored, because there is always something to do and something new to see.

You definitely have to visit temples that are not only historical sights. WatPra Ku in Bangkok is an excellent example because for the tourists it is considered equivalent to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. However, local belivers continues to pray there. Thai King and the royal family were much more honored here than in other monarchies in the world. Their status is reflected in the grandiosity of Thai royal palaces.

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