The Incredible Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik IMG 2804Photo by fjakone

Dubrovnik is pretty much the gem of the Adriatic and it is settled at the most southern part of Croatia on Adriatic Coast. Perhaps best time to visit Dubrovnik is in the transition between spring and summer, when there is not too many tourists. The coast of this incredible city is filled with boats and ferries leading to the neighboring islands, and there you can see numerous cafes and taverns. If you climb to the fortress Mincheta which rises over Dubrovnik, you will witness the incredible view of this coastal city, which is a testimony to the turbulent past and a hint of bright future.

On the horizon you will see a fortress from the 19th century, which is a monument to Napoleon’s occupation of the city. Near the gate of the city stands a statue of St. Blaise. This saint will watch you throughout the visit to Dubrovnik, because according to tradition, he is the protector of the city. When you want to relax and have a coffee, do not miss the Talir (Coin) cafe in Antuninska Street that is often visited by the local and international celebrities. It’s just one of the many cafes on the Stradun, the main promenade that runs along the entire town.


In the streets everything is worth the visit, be sure to take your time–in Dubrovnik, there is no rush. On the top of the list is the oldest pharmacy in Europe, which is a Franciscan monastery, where you can sit back and relax under an orange tree.

If it is already lunchtime, hover over the central square of Luz in medieval neighborhoods and go to the restaurant called Lokanda Peskarija for the portion of mussels –people say that here are best ones. After lunch, you can go down the stairs to the market place with countless stalls all the way to the Sponza Palace.

On central arch you can read the following words: “When I measure on this scale the goods measure me”. In the nearby Dominican monastery from the 14th century, you can see Titian’s painting of Mary Magdalene. The stairway of this holy place is sealed so the monks would not watch women going through the town. Rector’s Palace (or Prince’s Palace) is also one of the greatest wonders of Dubrovnik, where you can explore the huge rooms in the tourist tours. After a walk through the city, you can go behind the walls to a beautiful beach Buza which is one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Simple, wild and rocky, with clean deep sea, it will definitely leave you breathless. Thereon the rocks is a small coffee shop (with very affordable prices) from where you can see swimmers and yachts on the Adriatic Sea. Croats claim that Richard “Lionhearted” was stranded near Dubrovnik, and according to legend, fell in love with the city so much that he founded the cathedral there. Whether that is true or not it is anybody’s guess, but if you visit this city it will have special place in your heart forever.

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