Where To Stay In Berlin

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When planning a trip to Berlin, you should know, at least roughly what you want to see and what places you want to visit, and depending on that you should choose a district in which you should stay. However, you should not be intimidated by the pressure of choice, because public transportation is very well organized in whole city so it is quite easy to get anywhere. Here we will give short overview of some main districts and what to expect there, which will hopefully be helpful in making your decision on where to stay in Berlin.

Kreuzberg is a place you want to visit or you want to avoid completely. It is very urban, filled with hipsters, punkers, anarchists, street musicians and artists but also with ones less fortunate. Turkish immigrants live here in greatest numbers, so their markets and restaurants are everywhere. Many night clubs and art galleries can be found in this area making it one of the most appealing parts to young and restless tourists.

Prenzlauer Berg is the place you should choose if you are looking for relaxed area. It was the first area that was considered cool after the wall came down. It is quite green and filled with unusual and eccentric shops, bohemian bars and chick stores.

Other upside of this spot is that is not packed with tourists so it will be easier to find place to stay. It is very well connected with other parts so it is a great choice when it comes to the question where to stay in Berlin.

Mitte is central district with most hotels and most tourist. The top attractions that most people want to see are also there. It is best choice for those who are not spending a lot of time in Berlin and want to see main spots in short period of time. However it is not best choice if you want to feel real vibe of this German metropolis. Also there are a lot of hotels in the area but not many other lodging options.

Friedrichshain should be your base if you want to explore East Berlin sites and if you want to visit best night clubs in the whole city. It is best alternative option when it comes to party and finding budget friendly place to stay. It is also very close to everything else you probably want to see in other districts. The famous East Side Gallery is located here.

Charlottenburg is pleasant residential area, with fancy restaurants and best shopping areas in the city. It is also very close to main attractions, but also bit more pricey than other more alternative districts.

So if you are visiting this city and you’re looking where to stay in Berlin, one of these districts will definitely be the right choice.

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