Yellowstone – The World’s Oldest National Park

Trout Lake, Yellowstone National Park, USAPhoto by Always Shooting

Yellowstone is the world’s oldest national park, which gained its popularity mostly thanks to geysers, thermal springs, geothermal features and of course, a super volcano. One of the most famous national parks is located in the United States and extends through the areas of the three states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Once upon a time when the United States was still a young country, it was possible to come across the border guards dressed in fur and they talked about a fantastic land in the west where the fountains of hot water exist, rising far above the canopy of trees, while the ground shakes with their thunder.

They said that there is a mountain of glass and places where you can catch trout and then immediately cook it in a pool of hot water. Also, they told that there are some lakes that are bubbling like a simmering pot of paint in which a person can bathe at whatever temperature he wants. No, people certainly did not believe them, but their stories were remembered… So in 1871, the government started research expeditions, and their report stated that President Grant’s is declaring entire area of 9.000 square kilometers to be the first national park in the world.


They gave it a name after an Indian because of its most powerful river. Since then, millions of visitors have discovered that the former border guards were generally right. The glass mountain really exists – it’s Obsidian Cliff, built of volcanic glass.

There on the terrace you can find mineral natural baths of calcite lined up one after the other, and in the area of Fountain Paint Pot is a swimming pool of boiling mud which thanks to the minerals took all the colors of the rainbow.

The most frequently mentioned Yellowstone geysers – amazing water pillars are Old Faithful springs that every hour and 15 minutes ejects hot water up to 60 meters into the air. Also, there are petrified trees among which today one can identify walnuts, oaks, magnolias … Wondering how this is it possible? The story goes back millions of years ago when the trees were buried with volcanic ash and slag (cooled lava) preventing the supply of oxygen and protecting the trees from burning, and then during the centuries of their existence they turned into organics trees – cell by cell was replaced with the minerals from rocks and that is how their replicas of stone were created.

If you drive along the main ring road, you can see the park from the comfort of your car and relax in one of the many picnic areas along the road. For visitors who prefer a more active vacation, the park has thousands of kilometers of trails for day hikes. All major attractions are located on the main ring road.

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