7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Bora Bora

Photo credit: Bistock

2. Amazing Views

A vacation to Bora Bora has pretty much guaranteed great weather, so if you choose to spend the night in a campground, under the sky full of stars, you will not regret it. The thing that comes after sunset and starry sky is certainly the sunrise. Silence, fresh air and amazing color of the sky that is visible only at sunrise make for an experience that you don’t want to miss.


If you are into photography, you will find many stunning shots to capture. Bora Bora also gives you incredible color variations between the turquoise shallow and dark blue deeper water. For those who will not only be satisfied with beach and sea there is Mount Otemana, which offers wonderful views and all the other possible activities that come with it. But, if you want your experience to be complete take time to tour the island by helicopter and enjoy the view that you can see only here.

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