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Belize is a Commonwealth kingdom settled on the Caribbean coast in Central America, bordering with Mexico and Guatemala. This realm has a long and interesting history, first being the land of Maya civilization, then under Spanish colonial force, before gaining its independence in 1981. as part of British Empire. Independence has made Belize a multinational and multicultural place, where natives speak English, English-based Creole and Spanish language.

Because of its diverse geographical areas, the population in Belize is very loosely arranged, which made the flora and fauna extremely variant. The tropical climate is suitable for wildlife, making Belize a realm with hundreds of species of animals and more than 5,000 different plants.
The main source of income for Belize is the export of petroleum and crude oil, and of course, tourism.

There is a lot to see; numerous beaches, the most beautiful being Almond Beach and Maya Beach, gorgeous islands like Coco Plum Island and Half Moon Caye, and stunning waterfalls that will leave anyone amazed. For the adventurous, there are many natural parks and monuments to visit, but Maya ruins are definitely something that can’t be missed.



When it comes to sports and different activities, there is something for everyone’s taste – fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, rafting, kayaking and boat riding are just a few options to try out while enjoying your time there. Foodies are taken care of as well. Belize cuisine is influenced by its diverse culture, being a mix of Mexican-American and Caribbean food. You can’t leave the kingdom before trying its panades, chimole or deliciously prepared seafood.

Having a good time in Belize doesn’t include just sightseeing or eating. It also includes understanding the culture and customs of this place. The best way to do that is to visit Carnival, in September, when festivals like The Fiesta de Carnival and Comprasas are being held. The type of music played during those festivals is called punta, a mix of African and Caribbean music, and it is the most popular type of music in Belize, altogether.

Speaking and spending time with natives there will help visitors experience Belize to the fullest. They can learn about tradition and customs of the place through many stories, legends, and myths that are passed from generation to generation. To conclude, Belize is a place where fun and new experiences are guaranteed, so why not make it a new destination on your bucket list.
It is a certainly a place like no other, and if you want to experience something different it is definitely the way to go.

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